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Surface Anchor And Surface Piercing

Surface piercing and anchors became very popular in the last 10 years. People are regularly confused between the difference of a dermal and an anchor piercing. The dermal piercings involves a dermal punch, where anchor piercings involve just a regular needle, without the need of removing tissue from you body. At Medusa we only practice anchors. Surface piercings and anchors require extra care, and plenty of time , and even with time, you may have to start your aftercare regimen over again. Surface anchors can take anywhere from six to nine months to fully heal, while piercings with a surface barbell can take a year or even longer. Both can easily get irritated from a rough night of sleeping or getting caught on hair or clothing—or seemingly for no reason at all—so don’t be surprised if you find yourself periodically revisiting your aftercare regimen after the initial healing period has passed.

When getting pierced at Medusa, we recommend placing a band aid over the anchor, and doing so for the next two weeks. Using saline water, and regular daily soap cleaning is necessary . Soak your piercing at least twice a day—or more often if it’s irritated or you’re having problems with healing. If you have a more serious issues, i.e. the area is swollen and warm to the touch or if you get discharge that is dark yellow, greenish, bloody, or has a bad odor, don’t hesitate  to see us or talk to a medical professional.

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