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Before Coming In For Piercing

We are taking walk ins only at this time for any piercings. 

Some piercings are less- common or more advanced piercings, and are not provided by every piercer. So please call us if you looking to get any genital piercings, surface anchors, or if you are just looking to request a particular piercer. We would also offer two piercers at once ( such as piercing a child).

We ask everyone to come one hour before closing, or earlier on weekends. We do get pretty busy, so please be patient if we ask you to wait. Even though the piercing does not require much time, every customer is different, and we take our time to meet everyone's needs.

We do not offer piercing changes on Saturdays. 

Bring your ID

You would need an ID to get pierced, it's the law. Even if you were pierced here before, we will require your identification to get pierced.

Please bring one of the following:

* Driver's License 


*Military ID 

*Permanent Resident Card 

*Federal or State-issued photo ID 

  Or : 

*College or school photo ID with a Birth Certificate

*Work photo ID with Voter Registration(must have DOB on it),Temporary Driver's License or Driver's Permit

For a minor we would require a Birth Certificate, and a parent present with an ID

Please Come Sober

Please don't consume any alcohol before getting pierced, even 24h before your arrival.  We require all the clients to be drug and alcohol free. We would not pierce anyone that it's under the influence. 

Eat Before 

Please have a meal at least four hours before getting pierced. Doing so you will avoid the experience of fainting or getting nauseas. 

And More...

Please be aware that not all piercings can work for everyone: One size does not fit all, and not one piercing fits all. Understand that the picture you brought from Pinterest may look adorable, but it may not work for you. Your piercer will gladly explain you if you are a good candidate for this particular piercing, and if not, would offer you other options. We take pride of caring about every job we do, and we want to make sure you leave the studio with a perfect piercing that will heal, and make you happy. We do turn piercings away if the piercer has a strong feeling that the piercing won't heal, or last.

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