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Nose Piercing


Nose piercing is one of the most popular piercings around the world.

Although the nose piercing existed in Eastern culture such as India and Pakistan, it began as a trend   in Western countries somewhere after 80's , with the introduction of punk artists. Considered as a stylish piercing, it is very popular in the younger generation and even with people

 as old as 80 years. With that said, nose piercing does not have any age limit.

     The piercing procedure is pretty easy, and you will be walked

through each step as it's done. The piercer will pick a spot that 

fits your anatomy and your desire. Be honest with your

piercer about the placement, after all you will have to live with it,

so go on and let the piercer change the spot until you're happy.

Also it's great to mention to the piercer if you are planing to

switch between  hoops or  studs, so the placement suits both.           

     The average healing time of the nose piercing is 3-4 months,

but don't be surprised if your piercing takes as long as one year

to heal. The cartilage has a very dense structure and the blood

 vessels are on the surface only, which makes it harder for the

piercing to heal due the lack of blood circulation. It is very

common for the piercing to form a "fluid" type bump, or

something similar to a pimple. It is also common to form  

hypertrophic scaring ( which has some similarities to a keloid). Your piercer will gladly go over the nose aftercare, as well as how to deal with any complications.

     There are numerous jewelry options that can be used for a nose piercing, we carry a large selection of metals and shapes, such as corkscrew, press in post, CBR's or seamless hoops, and so on. For the initial piercing we only use a corkscrew or a hoop, and we offer materials that fits your body and budget.

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