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Piercing A Minor

At Medusa, we care  about providing your child with a safe, 

clean piercing, and making your and your child experience as

easy as possible.

 We offer a variety of piercings for a specific age.

You must be 12 and up to get any outer ear piercings,

and some facial piercings. For navel or tongue you must be 14 and up. 

Without exception, we WILL NOT pierce anyone under

18 without a parent  or legal guardian present with the minor

to sign the release form. The parent must be present with a

valid ID, and  a birth certificate for the minor; any school ID,

drivers license or passports won't work. 

Before coming in, make sure your child eats at least four hours

prior the piercing. You and your child will be explained every

detail of the process, so please don't be shy to ask any question.

Our room it can hold limit amount of people, so we won't be

able to accommodate too many friends; three to four people are maximum. We would ask some people to leave the room, if the piercer feels that the room it's too overwhelmed and can't properly communicate with your child, We would need a parent to be present in the room with the child.

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