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Lip And Tongue Piercing

Lip piercings are in general any piercings that go through the lip area, which

can be anywhere from the center of the lip to the outside corners. Each 

placement also come with their own “unofficial” names, from “snake bites”,

" spider bites", "monroe", "labret" to “medusa/ philtrum;” however, they are all

still lip piercings.

At Medusa, we recommend using a flat back stud for the initial piercing.  

At first, this jewelry will be longer to accommodate for swelling, but as with

any oral piercing, after healing (approximately six to ten eight weeks) you can

and should switch to a smaller post to avoid oral damage or trauma. 

Traditional tongue piercings are done along the center of the tongue. The

initial jewelry is a 12g straight barbel, much longer to allow for swelling.

Considering the fact that this particular piercing could be risky for your gums 

and teeth, we strongly recommend to downsize the jewelry after

seven to ten days. 

Snake eyes is the piercing placed at the tip of the tongue. Initial jewelry used for

this piercing, is a 16g curved barbell. This piercing requires extra precaution,

due the placement, and the time needed for adjustment. 

Cheek piercings are an oral piercing done on both sides of the cheeks, usually at the place where dimples appear. Though this piercing for a while had a pseudo-celebrity status, it is a piercing we often try to dissuade people from getting as it requires a big commitment—often much more than most people expect. Cheek piercings are also notoriously problematic, being especially prone to unexpected swelling, and even developing small fluid pockets and excessive drainage of lymph—during and even after healing. Healing is not impossible, but it’s not often easy.

Other piercings performed at Medusa are smiley, tongue web, angel kiss, Ashley and venom bites ( last done only by Tony). 

Our piercers will gladly discuss all options, and will suggest the right piercings for you. 

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