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Why does my healing piercing have a bump/bubble????

Unfortunately, these are a relatively common form of irritation on a piercing (typically NOT keloids which is a predispositioned medical condition!) because after all, it is not at all natural to heal around a piece of metal in our bodies!


Irritation bumps are typically caused by incorrect use of aftercare or more commonly PRESSURE OR TRAUMA BEING SUBDUED TO THE PIERCING DURING HEALING PROCESS!

We can't say it enough: do not touch, twist, or sleep on your piercing! It prevents healing and can cause these unsightly bumps! Also, do NOT use qtips when applying saline solution spray, just spray it right on there and let air dry!

We recommend calling the store/coming in if you experience this form of irritation so a piercer can troubleshoot and go over methods of treatment with you! DO NOT REMOVE THE JEWELRY!

A common method to reduce this irritation is:

First: determine what caused it to prevent future irritation: did you sleep on it? Do you touch it or get it caught recently?

Second: continue regular aftercare as described before you got pierced (we also provide a handout about it)

Third: A warm soak is helpful in reducing the irritation although troubleshooting by a professional is always recommended. To soak, boil distilled water with 1/4 tsp of non-iodized sea salt until well dissolved. While very warm (don't burn yourself), try to submerge piercing in a small, clean vessel like a small cup. If piercing is unsubmergable (like an inner ear piercing), use a clean washcloth to saturate and GENTLY apply around the affected area. Do not apply hard pressure but you do need continue to keep the solution very warm. The warmth will help open up the skin, and the salt will cause a drying effect. Continue for 10-15 minutes daily until irritation is gone.

*There are many different ways to treat these pesky bumps, the soak is the most gentle but as mentioned, it is recommended to seek out a troubleshoot with one of our piercers beforehand!

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